Tuesday, June 28, 2005

how it's never gonna get better

don't get me wrong: i'm completely against the president's "plan" in iraq and how he's changed his goals four times while we're there, and how he basically lied to the country to fulfill his personal agenda, and how he's sacrificed so many american lives to be killed because of a non-existant war strategy and a lack of equipment, and how we're actually no safer now than when we were right after 9/11 - in fact, we've probably tripled the amount of terrorists in the world, and we've given them more of a reason to hate us.

i'm there on all that. i don't believe a word my president says, and that saddens me to no end.

but then i get an e-mail from moveon.org in my inbox about tonight's speech, and it goes like this:

One good first step is letters to the editor. Bush's speech tonight will be one of the major "tipping point" moments since the war began, and we can help make sure that no one buys his "stay the course" rhetoric. Politicians will be watching the letter-to-the-editor pages closely, and newspapers are likely to print letters on what will be the major story of the week. If we're able to push back hard enough, we can build a drumbeat for a real exit plan.

okay, look, what was written will probably be true. PROBABLY. i don't see bush and his cronies changing their ways anytime soon. but my point is why is there a reaction to something that hasn't happened yet? isn't it more beneficial and fair to read his bullshit, analyze it, see if any of it makes sense, and then react? what if he surprises you? i know that's not gonna happen, but this country foolishly re-elected him. he is our president. he deserves to be listened to, not automatically rebelled against.

but that's not the way today. the bush administration makes a decision and ignores any evidence or facts that may argue against it. and their opposition is doing no better.

they're all the same pieces of shit. they just cheer for different teams.

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