Thursday, June 09, 2005

how disturbing isn't shocking anymore

ronald mcdonald, everyone's creepy fat clown, is about to go through an image makeover. supposedly, he's now slim and athletic, and he sports a metrosexual wardrobe.

seriously. i didn't make that up. here's proof.

here's some other things i didn't make up. i don't get it: is the new ronald mcdonald sarcastic or ironic? oh, neither? they're serious?

i found out about this while watching the news. i would have laughed, except it pissed me off how this was described as "funny" and "cute" when instead it should have been called "a travesty" and "a lie".

it's friggin' mcdonalds!

anyway, some other companies are introducing new characters to promote a "new leaf" in their public image. for example:

1. Clearie (from big tobacco) - in order to promote the positive side of a smoking addiction, big tobacco has introduced Clearie, a translucent lung that's made of glass designed to show how very little damage smoking does to your resperitory system.

2. Six Pack (from budweiser) - A fit man wearing skin-tight spandex will be introduced to sell the idea that drinking a six-pack of budweiser each day will give you a perfectly-sculpted six pack in your abdomen.

3. Dubya, M.D. (from our current administration) - a medical doctor with a stethoscope and a clipboard who will try to make sense of the cockamamie decisions our fearless leader in this country makes each day.

okay, now that last one was truly ridiculous.

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