Tuesday, May 06, 2008

how i wish "american idol" followed the same rules of "the gong show"

because i would have loved to have seen jaye p. morgan or jamie farr gong the shit out of both of jason castro's performances.

and then, to keep the good taste patrol in the house, waldorf and statler from "the muppet show" would then throw tomatoes that would stick in his dreds and sting his eyes.

why? because those half-assed performances were inexcusable cries for help. seriously, he has a big chance for something big, and he chose to crap the bed like that, not only in the week leading up but also during the night of?

even the first lady of steveohville refuses to vote for him this week.

pack up your hackysack and go back to hemp hill, you hippy. your incense is almost out.

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