Tuesday, May 06, 2008

how lost memories and rumors can be like new friends

i received a letter from the editor of my old campus paper, the stony brook press, asking me if i had any information on the rumor that the porn movie "debbie does dallas" was filmed at suny-stony brook.

immediately, i remembered that rumor.

but it was one of those rumors that was essentially unprovable in 1996 when i graduated. of course, the university denied it. and besides, information like that is much more fun in theory than in fact.

still, it got me thinking and googling, and it seems that although nothing is confirmed, there is some beef to it. and by beef, i mean hard meat.

hell, if wikipedia and imdb says it happened, then who's to argue?

so there you go. the state university of new york at stony brook, now known for the MRI, steely dan and a classic of pornography.

i have a degree from there.

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Anonymous said...

I rented "Debbie Does Dallas" so that I can see from whence you received your degree. Nice architecture....