Tuesday, May 27, 2008

how to recap the eighth day of my trip (guangzhou ritz carlton edition)

holy crap.

over and over again.

guangzhou finally got the best of me. diarrhea by the hour, on the hour, from midnight to noon, followed by a searing migraine until 8pm, all going hand-in-hand with dizziness, delirium and weakness. it was like my stomach was a septic tank, and each time i unloaded, the level went down a little, but not all the way, and each time i turned my body, i was reminded that i had something toxic inside me. just a sickening day to spend 24 hours in a mysterious foreign country.

so yes, i flew all the way to china to get me some montezuma's revenge. go figure.

then again, it could've been worse. i could have had a shitter without a seat.

needless to say, i didn't get on my flight to tokyo. it got pushed back to tomorrow morning. and instead i spent an entire day in room 2311 of the ritz-carlton, watching cnn international (lebanon has a new president!), a replay of the champions league title match between man u and chelsea (john terry really blew it, no matter how you look at it), and mythbusters (proving and debunking the miraculous qualities of vodka) - and the rest of the day and night were spent with my eyes closed and a cold towel on my forehead. all i ate were three scoops of chocolate ice cream (a well-deserved $15 meal) and drank my fair share of water.

i lost my appetite. if you're looking for it, i think i flushed it down sometime around 3:30 AM.

seriously, if rich, my DP, wasn't around to make changes to my airfare and to be a clear head for me, god knows how i would have reacted. i might have boarded a plane to guam or something. who knows. no part of my body was in its right mind.

good times.

and i know all this didn't happen from the 5-star meal i had in the hotel. i guess my body just isn't fortified enough for fresh kill. or the middle ages. however you want to label it.

at least i lost some weight for the wedding.

but stlll, hey, soon i'll be on my way to tokyo, home of the original "office". can't wait. should be a lot of fun.

and, of course, should be a lot of karaoke.

something in a baritone, maestro!

money talks
but it don't sing and dance and it don't walk
as long as i have you here with me
i'd much rather be
forever in blue jeans, babe.

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Anonymous said...

I commend you on your bravery and openness on eating different foods, but that is the exact reason why I only ate American foods in India. Hope you feel better. Enjoy Tokyo. Make sure you bring back some cheap electronics.