Thursday, May 08, 2008

how surviving for 25 years is the least of their accomplishments

i just want to congratulate goodby, silverstein and partners for reaching their 25th anniversary as the highest vanguards of creativity and truth in advertising. and that's not just my opinion; they've got bookcases full of awards to prove it over and over again.

i had a great ten months there, and although i couldn't make it to their black-tie and open-bar extravaganza at the san francisco opera house, i know nobody will remember what happened there anyways, so nothing will have been lost, except for some brain cells.

since advertising is mostly an anonymous job by the creators, here's some of their most famous ads that you didn't know they did but know by heart and surely love without limits (and i'm sure i'm missing a ton of the obvious):
got milk?
emerald nuts
and, last and definitely least, here's two of my humble contributions to their impossibly long history of creative excellence.

congrats again, jeff and rich.

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