Wednesday, May 07, 2008

how this has got to be a freudian slip of the most gigantous of proportions

this is from's writer marc stein's article about the knicks pursuit of mike d'antoni as their head coach.

i've taken a screen grab, just because i'm sure this completely hilarous error will be corrected by the time you read this.

yes, i remember those michael jackson/scottie pippen/phil jackson heydays well. the zen master would call out a play, pippen would bring the ball up, and wait for the exact moment to pass to the gloved one to moonwalk to the corner for an open fadeaway. oh, and how they would celebrate in the locker room, with jackson and pippen popping champagne and with their teammate popping macaulay culkin in the wierd place.

of course, marc stein didn't mean michael jackson. he meant this global icon instead.

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