Thursday, May 15, 2008

how i know it could get worse, and i just don't think it's gonna get any better

after today's excruciating 1-0 mets loss to the nationals, causing the lowly nats to take 3 out of 4, and dropping the mets record since last june 1 to 74-75, i've got to say that i've come to the realization that the mets are what they are: a .500 ballclub that just doesn't play hard for their coach, and just doesn't seem like they care enough about winning.

and it pains me to say that.

and, the worst part about it is that i'm not alone.

"This team is simply not fun at all to watch or even follow. It’s a flat, joyless team and watching them play is like watching a Snuff film…..only a real sick bastard would take joy in watching."

"Schmoozer on a roll. Just called Willie Art Howe."

"We are losing and being embarrassed at home. Yes we are 2 games out of first but you have got to think about how fortunate we have been in regard to the other teams in the division. I have long given up my fight against the booing because frankly theres nothing anyone can do about it but at the same time i understand the frustration. Something is missing and i hope they find it before its too late."

"i consider myself a die hard mets fan. but in reference to your point, matt, today i actually did reach the decision that it is time for me to start tuning out. at least to some degree. i’ve maybe missed watching/listening to 10-15 games over the last 3 years. but i’ve reached a point where i’ve realized that watching this team day in and day out thinking that maybe today is the day where they start playing the baseball we’ve all been led to believe that they’re capable of is a fool’s pursuit. instead, i just feel angry and pissed off half the time (the days they lose), because this team is, as we all know, no better than a .500 team."

"We can’t wait any longer. This team is in a complete downward spiral on and off the field. Its brought to our attention again today how divided the clubhouse seems to be. The once great chemistry this team had is completely gone and this team is completely lost...How quickly things can change. Seemed like just yesterday I was walking out of Shea stadium with the feeling of hope and optimism. The feeling like this was going to be our chance at a World Series and a chance to finally stand side by side with Yankee fans...There is a cancer on this team. I don’t know if its a player or players or manager or whatever but something has destroyed this team from inside. Omar needs to fix this right now or he is the one to blame. We’ve been screaming foul for almost a year now and you haven’t been listening. Omar Do you even know your own team?"

"Willie deserves a lot of blame but it comes down to this with me. You remove Willie, I’m not sure this team improves. This leads me to feel that the problems with this team go far beyond Willie...This team needs an enema. I’m just not sure where the hose should go."

look, i don't know what can be done. fire willie? i'm fine with that. turn heilman into a starter? sure, go ahead. get moises some at bats at first base? go ahead.

but is that really gonna change the culture? is that really going to make it seem like the players give a crap? i know they do, but do they care more than the phillies or the rays or the marlins? i don't think so. by the looks of things, it's obvious.

i hope omar doesn't wait to see how this shakes out. we have already, and it's a heartbreaker.

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