Thursday, May 22, 2008

how to recap the third day of my trip (orange county edition)

today was a pretty uneventful day. got to the gym, watched a professional tennis player work out, shot eight hours worth of film and left. my shirt did not smell, i did not eat a $35 breakfast burrito and i did not piss on golden hydrants. but i did learn that there's no place for me to hide from my shin splints.


it was at dinner with my friend brian where i learned that david cook won "american idol", which gives me hope that this country might also elect the right president this fall, whomever that might be (although i damn well know who that is).

there's nothing really to report, other than i caught the final night of the oak hill capital partners convention. it's nights like this that make me so happy to be working in advertising. everyone was wearing their dress code: a nice blazer with gold buttons on the sleeve, a wrinkle-free button down shirt with the top-button undone, dress slacks with a crease down the middle and laceless slip-on shoes. and this is opposed to me going to work today wearing this.

there was a guy named tory at the drink up wearing, and i shit you not, a pink blazer, light blue shirt, red slacks (red!) and pennyloafers without socks. i'd make a joke, but he beat me to it.

i probably won't blog tomorrow night as i will be in the air, more than halfway to guangzhou. but if i have enough energy when i land, i will do my best.

just don't count on it.

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