Tuesday, May 20, 2008

how to recap the second day of my trip (orange county edition)

there are very few things as uplifting to me as jumping rope early in the morning while watching hordes of surfers take waves into the shore. that's the first thing i did upon waking. not a bad way to start the day.

however, what is a bad way to continue the day is to put on a t-shirt that smells like ass. and then putting on another t-shirt that also smells like ass. and then realizing that all 15 shirts you brought on your trip all smell like ass. and that you can easily point your finger at the busted washer at home for everything smelling like ass. and now you and your preson feels and smells like an ass. so you have to put all your shirts in the ritz carlton laundromat, and although your ass is now $90 lighter, you do return to cleanliness.

i hope that doesn't happen to you. or if it does, have a better story for smelling like ass than a busted washer.

we got to the gym to shoot today, and watched paul kariya go through his final morning workouts. dude's a tank. in fact, dude's a hall-of-fame tank. no way in hell do i want to be in the way of one of his hip checks or slapshots. pro athletes have a certain aura around them that's cool to watch. he was no exception.

the shoot went great, thank you very much. and on the ride home, we noticed that every fixture in dana point was painted gold. so this hamlet gives off the impression that this place is so rich that even their dogs piss on expensive things.

i found out from my bar waitress (who coincidentally just graduated from stony brook) that the "night of the living WASP" convention is actually for a bunch of blazers called oak hill capital partners. by the end of the night, they were so serious with their partying that they actually took off their frickin' ties. i suspect the cops to be called sometime before the markets open.

i'm also pretty damn sure that there's also a "rich old man with cute wife that's 25 years younger than him" convention, because there's just too much of that happening to consider it a coincidence. seriously, everyone here wears their creepy on the outside.

also in the bar, i eavesdropped on the worst powerpoint presentation ever.

this bar and area is the gift that keeps on giving.

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