Tuesday, May 31, 2005

how the third time might indeed be the charm

i just saw "star wars episode iii: the one about the sith". i really loathed the first two movies. i just didn't think they really went anywhere interesting. plus, when you factor in how embarrassing of a writer and director george lucas is, they were really complete trainwrecks. i don't need to belabour this; nobody likes those pieces of crap.

howard stern mentioned that because those first two movies were so bad, george lucas shouldn't charge for the third one. i kinda agree. a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, corporate whores still moneygrabbed.

eh, what can you do.

so i fully expected to be nauseasted over episode three - okay, maybe not as nauseated. everyone who'd seen it told me that it was better than the other two, but that's like preferring brussels sprouts over dog shit and horse shit. in my mind, it's still brussels sprouts.

but you know what happened? i really dug this movie.

it's exciting. there was an actual storyline that moved (albeit with a fishing net full of holes). dialogue and deliberation were kept to a minimum. and it had a really cool ending - obviously.

but the writing was still terrible. in fact, two scenes were unintentionally laugh-out-loud funny (anakin's and padme's "you're so beautiful" conversation, and vader's "noooooooo!" yelp). i would say the acting was horrendous, but natalie portman, ewan mcgregor and samuel l. jackson are fantastic actors, so we should just blame it on the embarrassing directing and move on. i mean, it was flat and unemotional and boring. the script didn't help.

but still, it was a damn good movie.

in fact, if i had to rank them:

1. empire strikes back (great movie, great script, great directing - mostly because it was directed by irwin kirschner and written by lawrence kasdan)
2. star wars: a new hope (just something completely visually incredible at that time covers up all the flaws)
3. revenge of the sith (yeah, really cool movie)
4. return of the jedi (ewoks. in english, that means "merchandising gimmick" or "mailing it in")
5. attack of the clones (horrible movie, but the last hour wasn't so bad)
6. phantom menace (jar jar binks. me so embarrassing)

i can't wait for the next series of films.

oh, you mean there aren't gonna be more films?

how much did they earn?


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