Thursday, May 26, 2005

how sometimes i wish i were deaf

this is the scorecard from my trip on the n-judah downtown to the ballpark for the giants-dodgers game on 05.26.05 at 6:15pm.

number of nerds dressed almost head-to-toe in giants gear that sat near me: 6

number of times they sang "da dum dum duuum, da dum dum duuum, da dum dum duuum, da dum, dum, dum, dodgers suck" on the forty-minute train ride: 7

number of times the "dodgers suck" part was said so unemotionally that it seemed as if they were being directed by george lucas: 7

number of conversations that the nerds had about the actual game of baseball: 1

number of nerds who knew who the giants shortstop was: 0

number of times the giants shortstop has won a gold glove in his illustrious career: 9

number of nerds who knew who was pitching tonight: 1

number of nerds who knew that kirk reuter (the giants pitcher) is nicknamed "woody" because he looks like "woody" from "toy story": 6

number of times i wanted to pull a bernie goetz: 78

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bernie goetz? nice and obscure. good one, steve. by the way, baseball sucks.