Friday, May 13, 2005

how mankind redeems itself

i just read this on, and it just made my year:

"Though they’re still dotting I’s and crossing T’s on the final documents, I’m told Fox network and 20th Century Fox studio are '99.9 percent of the way there' to reaching an agreement on the new season. According to these highly placed sources, it looks very likely that Arrested Development will be coming back not only for a full season of 22 episodes but actually two full seasons of 22 episodes. How freaking fantastic is that?"

which means more of this

and more of this.


thecroz said...

And the clouds parted. And the sun shone through as if He was winking to eternity that all was right in the cosmos (despite the fact that the News side of FOX is full in league with the cast down angel, Lucifer). And then the angels sang. You shoulda been there.

WoolleyPair said...

She would make a nice daughter-in-law.