Monday, May 30, 2005

how to correct a terrible, terrible error

in the post below entitled "how to dig a deeper hole", i stated that lynyrd skynyrd playing on "american idol" with "real rocker" bo bice represented the second plane crash in their careers. i was wrong.

i just watched a commercial for KFC, and they used "sweet home alabama" as the background music. the last time i looked at a map, alabama was one full state below kentucky. i saw this spot before "american idol" aired, as it has been playing for the past couple of months. i just didn't remember this when i posted.

so, to rerank:

plane crash #1: horrifying accident that kills ronnie van zant and destroys the band for ten years.

plane crash #2: "sweet home alabama" heard as background music for KFC.

plane crash #3: band performs with "real rocker" bo bice on "american idol".

my apologies for the errors.

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wearables said...

well alabama might as well be in kentucky and vice versa. fried chicken sucks.