Sunday, May 08, 2005

how to get rid of your banana supply

after being rat free for two months, and after killing our previous visitor "angelo" using rat food and the guillotine, it seems that word/warning really didn't get around and we have yet another visitor - one who must be the size of a cadillac. the bastard ate half of my banana. seriously. check out these crime scene photos.

the audacity of this sunovabitch. sometimes i tink i hear him squealing. it's like he's taunting me, but he doesn't know what i have awaiting his fate. yes, i wonder if he likes his haircut scorched.

i'm gonna kick its ass.

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Anonymous said...

His cousin lives north of the bay! It got so bad in our house the dog wouldn't even chase the fucking rat. I know if I came home early from work I will find the vermit on the couch with the dog watching animal planet.