Thursday, May 12, 2005

how movies can make a statement about the world we live in

i just saw a movie called "crash", which was written and directed by the same guy who penned "million dollar baby", which i'm sure you've heard of.

anyway, it's an amazing film being raved by every critic across the country about how different people deal with each other in different ways. there's no sidestepping the stereotypes about different races; they're all addressed, and you're made to feel extremely uncomfortable about it, and, in most cases, shameful. you see, it makes no bones about it - we're all human beings filled with our own life experiences and prejudices, and that's what makes the world go round. i also took from it that a lot of problems arise when people just lose their cool. and sometimes, you just can't escape trouble. there's a lot of shit going on here and, although i have major problems with some of it - like how it was too coincidental at times - it's a mirror on the society we live in, and therefore, a very important and ballsy movie.

but here's the biggest statement it made about this country of ours: more people this weekend decided not to see this deeply moving film. instead, they chose to drop $10 to see a movie generally reviewed as "a piece of shit". after all, it stars everyone's favorite no-talent, paris hilton.

touche, america. touche.

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