Wednesday, February 13, 2008

how through the muck it all makes sense

this is what i took out of wednesday's congressional hearings:

brian mcnamee is a poor excuse of a human being. he is a liar, a drug dealer, a cheater and untrustworthy. and yet, his account is credible, although through no credit to him.

roger clemens is the world's biggest blowhard whose defense, when stripped down, is purely "how could you not believe me? i'm roger clemens". he is a liar, a perjurer, unloyal, unaccountable, delusional, incapable of finding faults within himself and completely unworthy of his impossibly high self-opinion.

and congress, through their completely incompetent handling of this and every instance of baseball's steroid scandal, has proven once again that this low-level of importance is still too much for them to handle, that there is no issue unimportant for them to still split across party lines, and wasting their time on this is much better than them screwing up things much more critical.

everyone i listed here is completely unsufferable and utterly stupid, and not worth the three minutes it too me to type this.

and with this, i take my attention away from all of them and focus it upon where it matters most.

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