Sunday, February 10, 2008

how i love the first lady of steveohville, but even she would find this ridiculous

here are my shipping charges from for delivery on valentine's day:

Courier Fuel Surcharge: $1.93
Standard Express Delivery: $9.99
Guaranteed Feb. 14 Delivery: $9.99

no thanks.

i'm not being cheap. i just refuse to be mocked like that.

i'll find other ways to be taken advantage of, thank you.


The First Lady of Steveohville said...

I concur, whole heartedly. I don't need flowers, especially when they're trying to charge "I have you by the balls" shipping fees - to know that you love me.

Don't get me wrong. Flowers are nice. But so is money in the bank.

Mike said...

you are not the only one. I'm having Sue's flowers delivered early to avoid all this extra nonsense. I think next year I'll just pick up the Walbaums special.