Saturday, February 23, 2008

how this is my annual academy award post

these aren't my predictions. they're just my opinions.

for full disclosure, i still haven't seen the highly acclaimed films "Atonement", "Gone Baby Gone", "Til the Devil Knows You're Dead", "The Savages", "Away From Her", "Charlie Wilson's War", "Persepolis", and "The Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie".


22. Waitress
21. Freedom Writers
20. Blades of Glory
19. Spiderman 3
18. Transformers
17. Eastern Promises
16. The Simpsons
15. 3:10 to Yuma
14. Sicko
13. Superbad
12. Grindhouse
11. Knocked up
10. Lars and the Real Girl
9. Zodiac
8. Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
7. There Will Be Blood - as brilliant and ballsy i thought that the writing, directing, acting and score was, i still can't get past the point that the main character never had any sort of conflict to overcome.
6. Juno - quite possibly the most original and edgy script in years brought to life with the most quirky and endearing performance in years.
5. Into the Wild - this is as personal of a journey as filmmaking will get.
4. I’m Not There - the bizarreness of the storytelling is a perfect reflection of the person it's covering.
3. Michael Clayton - the best serious script written this year. absolutely professional, smart, taut and engaging.
2. No Country for Old Men - it's another marvel of filmmaking by two of my creative idols.
1. The Lives of Others - i know this came out in 2006, but as far as films to hit american theaters this year, this was the best. just pitch perfect writing, acting, directing with as compelling of a topic you'll find on film. the more i read about it, the more i'm amazed by it.

Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood)

Ellen Page (Juno)

Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men)

Cate Blanchett (I'm Not There)

Ethan and Joel Coen (No Country for Old Men)

it was a great year for films, with the boundaries of storytelling being pushed to edgier, darker and more creative areas. i wish i got all the main films in, but what can you do. nike and the first lady beckons.

still, well done, hollywood. and germany.

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