Saturday, February 09, 2008

how even the utterly ridiculous has been regurgitated

i've had this idea for a screenplay featuring billy zabka, who played johnny in "the karate kid" and chad in "back to school". you know, the dick. i told my idea to friends recently. they laughed. one even told me that he would throw down his $10 to see that. with "addicted to her" off to the script developer, i needed something to work on.

so i went to the coffeehouse and began on "not billy zabka". it's a simple idea that i will share with you right now: a producer wants to film a sequel to "the karate kid" reprising ralph macchio as daniel lorusso, elisabeth shue as ali, the sensei from the cobra kai and billy zabka as johnny - except that zabka has fallen off the planet (pat morita's absence due to death is explained away in a touching funeral scene). so, because the producer can't find zabka, he recruits a billy zabka lookalike to play that role. the actor becomes billy zabka, billy zabka becomes johnny, the movie is a hit and suddenly his ever elusive fame has found him. he dates scarlett johannsen, for example. then, one day, the real billy zabka returns from hibernation in deepest darkest montana and confronts his double.

pretty frigging ridiculous, right?

well, it's already been done.

now how frigging ridiculous is that?

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