Saturday, February 09, 2008

how i love airports

i spent ten minutes at PDX yesterday eavesdropping on a horizon air employee talking loudly on his cellphone about the sexual harassment claim filed against him during the drug testing incident in medford, whatever that means.

it seems that he is also countersuing for harassment.

unfortunately, he didn't want to say anything else on his phone without legal representation.

however, judging by his creepy moustache and even creepier cowboy boots underneath his uniform, he was drug tested in medford. it was there that he said some even more creepier things to his drug tester, a female, that bordered on flirting. she probably told him to stop. he probably then called her a bitch or worse. she walked out. he thought it was over. then he was served with sexual harassment papers, so he countersued on his own, although there's no weight to his claim.

i'm pretty sure that's what happened. i pieced it together just by looking at the guy, who sorta looked like napoleon dynamite's brother.

can you blame me?

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