Sunday, February 17, 2008

how we're truly living in the golden age

there's a lot of crap on television. hell, i just watched an episode of "lipstick mafia" and felt like i had my college degree revoked. and it's beyond the writer's strike and more along the lines of television networks programming to the lowest common denominator and going as far out of their way to stay directly inside the box.

however, the best of the lot are truly amazing pieces of pure brilliance. and these days, i have to believe that we're truly lucky to be blessed with two dramas as smart, in depth, compelling, creative and downright amazing as "lost" and "the wire".

each week, they find new ways to advance their already incredible stories. with each movement, their plots take different forms and creates something even cooler than how you left them last week. and the craftmanship of the writing, acting, directing, editing and, well, everything it takes is just mindboggling for a medium that requires a new episode churned out every seven days.

they are truly masterpieces beyond even the most grandiose explanations of that word.

some people say that watching television is a complete waste of time. sometimes, i agree. but when i'm done watching "lost" and "the wire", i feel smarter, humbled and inspired. and there's nothing wasted about that. hell, i'm writing this on a sunday night after watching the anguish mcnulty has to maneuver around so his lie can serve the common good. imagine how my mind and fingers are gonna react after jack and locke joust around yet another battle between science and faith.

still, it's all coming to an end with "the wire" just a couple of episodes away from closing its last case. hey, at least i can get comfortable with the idea that there's a "breaking bad" out there attempting to pick up that baton.

good luck.

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