Monday, February 04, 2008

how i seem to be a magnet for all things such

if you know me, you know that i have a high measure of courtesy and respect for others, especially in public spaces. whatever's left of that in society is falling by the wayside nowadays, and it truly bothers me. rude has become the new normal.

and it irks me even more that i seem to be targeted by this movement's biggest offenders.

rewind to saturday. i'm at a funeral for the first lady of steveohville's elderly relative, someone i've never met. sitting right behind me was some older man who didn't shut up during the entire funeral mass. he wasn't talking loud, but he was talking loud enough. and he wasn't saying anything worth hearing. it was more about him and his thoughts. you know, such worthwhile gems like "i'm going to be a practicing catholic today and receive communion" and "my cousin was also born on her birthday". twice i turned around and gave him the "have some respect, you asshat" look. the third time i looked back, i caught his eye and held the stare. that seemed to work.

this morning on my bus, not only did the woman sitting next to me chat on the cellphone about the super bowl (and not really have any idea about what she was talking about), but the person standing near me (or above me) also chatted on his cellphone about a business meeting he was planning for. could these conversations have waited 10 minutes? of course. did they happen on the bus just to torment me? yep.

and then, tonight, a couple talked all the way through a documentary i watched about zinedine zidane. yes, that's right, they held conversations about soccer throughout a movie about soccer. good times.

that's how i'm rolling nowadays, silently stewing.

but you know what? it don't bother me. yeah, that's right. for this week, i am a super bowl champion.

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