Thursday, May 17, 2007

how this weekend always brings out the best of san francisco

of course, i'm talking about "bay to breakers", the annual race/walk/parade from the bay to the ocean that brings out the very best of this great city. and by best, i mean the things that makes this city completely colorful, insane, unique and hilarious.

of course, i'm running it. and i just got my confirmation e-mail, and it lists everything you shouldn't do.

which is everything everyone does.

here goes the list of restrictions - or, like i said, invitations:

Only registered participants will be admitted to the Start and Finish areas. For everyone's safety and enjoyment, NO ALCOHOL, NUDITY, pets, roller blades, skateboards, bicycles, or plastic bags for warm-ups are allowed on course. Wheeled objects and over-sized costumes must line up at the back.

And remember, RUNNERS to the LEFT, WALKERS to the RIGHT.


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