Tuesday, May 01, 2007

how a gay german germaphobe cabdriver inspired this posting

i had to take a cab from downtown to home after work because muni screwed me again. i swear, it's the best public transportation company as long as you have nowhere to go.

aaaaaanyways, my driver was a gay german germaphone, which is hilarious to say, much less watch. case in point: he literally sprayed windex on the passenger side window while stopped at a red light as he said, "ewww! ein think that dirt ich outside!".

pure comedy gold.

we were talking about things that piss people off, of which i mentioned muni, and he asked me if it pissed me off when people talked on their cellphone on the bus. of course, herr obvious, it pisses me off. then he told me about the brilliant beauty of a cell phone jammer, which kills all cellphone signals within a radius around you.

and by brilliant beauty, i mean that it is Illegal to operate, manufacture, import, offer for sale, including advertising with fines of up to $11,000 and imprisonment of up to a year.


with that random bit of information, i figured it would be a good time to post a bunch of random links for you to enjoy.

you know, the steveohville speakeasy catch-all.

i don't know what's funnier in this classic, the reporter calling one of the most recognizable faces in america "bruce wilson" or how old habits die hard at the end.

if the prices for masterpiece gets any lower, stallone's gonna have to go back to work.

oh, wait, he is.

well, if that falls through, there's always this.

anybody else but me enjoying the baron fedora?

and, i hate to say it, but jordin sparks might be in jeopardy tonight.

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