Wednesday, May 02, 2007

how i now have a mii, and me likey

in an effort to get past what seems to be a one-third life crisis, i recently splurged and bought myself a nintendo wii.

why? well, it's a helluva lotta fun. it's a serious workout. and it's something i can do that will relax my brain from writing nonstop. you know, something that has nothing to do with anything seems like a thing well worth paying a crapload for.

most importantly, it will be time well wasted, and i'm psyched to have it.

i just finished hooking it up, and i was asked to make my mii, which are animated versions of myself that can be used as characters in certain wii games.

so, needless to say, twenty painstaking and thought provoking minutes later, complete with thorough and rigorous self-examinations and wrought with painful yet honest personal admissions, i present to you one very handsome dude:

ladies, the bidding begins...

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