Monday, May 07, 2007

how i learned a couple of things at the ballpark

my thoughts after watching the mets get shallacked by the giants, 9-4, on an absolutely gorgeous night in san francisco:

1. you only need to hit a ball 363 out of the 364 feet to left center to be awarded a home run.

2. the largest HD screen in the world is the big scoreboard at sbc park, and it's one of the most impressive things you will ever watch.

3. i don't think carlos beltran has hit a curveball since adam wainwright threw one past him last year. seriously. he hasn't.

4. i can't remember the last time my softball team gave up nine runs in an inning.

5. or gave up three homers in an inning.

6. or made two embarrassing errors like that, back-to-back.

7. when barry zito's got his curveball dealing, there's very few things as pretty to admire in an athletic contest. (okay, i saw zito pitch live a bunch during his cy young year, so this was really just a reminder).

7. i never leave a ballgame early. but if i were to, it would be on a night that bengie molina hits two home runs in one inning.

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