Thursday, May 03, 2007

how the biggest understatement i can possibly state is that i am really proud of my dad

my dad, a proud vietnam veteran, was asked to give a keynote address in front of the vietnam memorial in washington DC on mother's day. he'll be speaking to the mothers of his brethren who perished in vietnam - those friends and brothers of his, some he knew, others he wished he did. my father being there, alive, a family man, a gigantic success, is a testament to those who sacrificed their lives.

at least that's how my father reads this. it's not about him; it's purely about them.

did i mention that the committee that chose him is run by none other than the esteemed colin powell?

usually, this is the part of my post where i wax poetically about how proud i am of my father. but honesty, i cannot find the words worthy of that honor.

so cherish your time in our nation's capital, soldier. those are your orders.

and, as always, thank you.

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