Saturday, May 12, 2007

how i need an official ruling on this

on the way back home from my local cofffeehouse, bookstore and walgreens, i went to my local chinese restaurant to order some takeout for dinner. it's called spices II, and although it's located a block from my house, i've never eaten there.

i go to the counter and order a chicken and corn soup and also the chef's special chow mein with chicken, pork and shrimp, all to go. it cost me $15. i gave them a $20. and i put down a $3 tip.

wait, whoa there, steve, it's takeout. you don't normally tip for takeout.


but the two college aged girls behind the counter who took my order and delivered my food were incredibly hot. so incredibly hot. like it was a joke how hot they were. and they were just impeccably dressed on top of being absolutely gorgeous. like stunningly gorgeous.

did i mention how hot they were?

so i tipped them $3, which is just a tad more than the industry standard of 15%.

look, i didn't tip them $20. that would be wrong, right? and that would be uncomfortable. that would offer up questions that would require answers that would make them blush and/or alert their knife-wielding friends from the kitchen.

but i should tip them, right? i mean, they are in the service industry. their service, and that includes appearance, was flawless. if they weren't that hot, i wouldn't have tipped them.

how wrong does this all sound?

and, most importantly, how big of a perv does this make me?

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How I Died Today said...

wrong. and big.