Thursday, January 11, 2007

how you can't expect miracles when the thinking is predictable

so i just spent some time completely downloading the president's speech from last night, and i've read countless articles against it and the numerous few for it. much like most of you, i've never been to iraq and i haven't been there recently, so everything is speculation. but here's where i'm at.

in theory, this is a good idea. in theory. when the status quo isn't working, you need to change it.

the problem is that this is way too late for this implementation. it's as if bush has decided to put the full court press on to get back into the game, but the problem is that he's down thirty with a minute left. yeah, you might get it down to 26, but what's the point?

what gets me about this whole iraq thing is that our politicians have come up with four options:
1. more troops
2. status quo
3. less troops
4. full pullout

four predictable options. four obvious options.

and yet, it seems that none of those options seems to be one that would work. more troops seems like a disaster, status quo is a disaster, less troops would be a disaster, and full pullout would probably destroy iraq. so why are we even still considering any of them?

in theory, we elect our brightest minds to lead our country. but it just seems that these brightest minds are doing nothing more than numberfucking instead of coming up with something radical, something new, something brilliant. it's more about gauging what number would be best for their future political campaign. the time spent on that should be spent to think unpredictably on nonconventional answers.

hell, maybe these thoughts shouldn't come from politicians. maybe there should be a committee of non-politicians and non-military people who would look at this in a completely non-partisan way. they might come up with something other than numberfucking. without being bogged down by politics and elections, they might actually provide a different way of looking at a problem. put a scientist, a mathematician, a philosopher, a CEO, a get the idea. different people, different viewpoints, different ways to solve a problem.

it beats what we've got going on right now.

then again, our president doesn't listen to the people he serves or his own political party. it would be a wasted effort. unless they lived in "his gut".

there's always a better answer.

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