Tuesday, January 30, 2007

how i think i can do a full personality profile

after watching "24" on monday night, and seeing jack bauer's crazy brother take control, i've come to the conclusion that all his problems could have been solved if his parents had just given him a normal name.

yeah, that's what i'm saying. i think being named graem bauer hath brought upon him these demons.

no, that's not a misspelling. it's graem. and it's "gray" to jack, "graham" to his father (who also played louis' father in "revenge of the nerds").

anyways, had his name been spelled "graham" or even "gray", i think things would have worked out nicely.

but it's spelled "graem", and that would confuse the hell out of me too, which means i'd probably lash out in the same way that he did - like being responsible for the detonation of a nuke in los angeles.

i feel his pain.

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