Tuesday, January 16, 2007

how i have one major question with "lost"

i just watched season one of "lost". yes, i know, i am the last person to have watched it. i get it. i'm late to the party. and, after one season, i have the same confusions as everyone else. and although the whole concept is ridiculous, one question sticks out in my mind, and i'm having trouble getting over it because it stems from something personal:

i've never been on an airplane with a hot chick.

and yet, this oceana liner had kate, shannon, clare and sun on it.

are you kidding me? i can speak from experience that having one hot chick on a plane, much less four, does not happen. it has not happened to me, and i fly a lot. hot chicks do not fly. it does not happen.

and yet, four smoking hot chicks were on this plane.

i call bullshit.

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Mike T said...

that's because your flights go from SF to NY instead of LA to Down Under