Thursday, January 11, 2007

how it's all swampy in the meadowlands

yesterday, the new york football giants signed coach tom coughlin to a one year extension.

today, the new york football giants promoted jerry reese to general manager.

i'm having trouble comrpehending this.

i understand that the maras and the tischs do not like change. they've got rooney blood in them, and the steelers have had two coaches in what, thirty years? and having to replace the gm and firing the coach probably scared the crap out of them.

i'm guessing they had already promoted reese weeks ago. they would not have chosen a coach and then a gm, whose job is to find a coach. if this wasn't reese's decision, then something is wrong in the meadows.

so they've spent the last couple of days evaluating coughlin, and they've decided to essentially give him a one year tryout to shape things up.

my problem is that it may be too late. we can't give him another year, and i'm basing that decision on the last three years.

we can't afford to have another year of eli regressing.
we can't afford to waste another year of michael strahan.
we can't afford to have another year of faltering down the stretch.
we can't afford another year of not adjusting (read: being outcoached).

i know i can't take another year of the penalties.

even if this is a one year stall tactic to sign bill cowher, i don't like it. we have a franchise quarterback who has been bringing the franchise down, and another year under the coughlin regime doesn't seem like it'll change his downward spiral. that is obvious.

coughlin for another year is a strike against eli.

and i'm not sure that was the decision to be made.

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