Tuesday, January 16, 2007

how it took me about fifteen minutes to deliberate over this, and i think it was time well spent

over at deadspin, they asked "who do you dislike more, peyton manning or tom brady?"

i actually thought long and hard about this, as did most of my fellow commentors. i made a mental list, weighed pro and cons, and had them debate each other. but with most complicated questions, there is a simple answer to be found, and this is what i posted:

tom brady is at the top of his game professionally in the highest pressure situations, and he bangs the hottest chicks around him within a fifty-mile radius. tom brady is, in other words, james bond. and who among us wouldn't kill to be james bond?

so what am i saying? cut that meat, peyton. cut that meat.

am i wrong? who's with me?

am i a sad man for putting fifteen minutes of thought into this?

don't answer that.

1 comment:

Mike T said...

bottom line.. football is a team sport.. you always go with the winner. Tom Brady's the man.

You can take all of the Peyton's and A-Rods anyday of the week. Give me Tom Brady and Scott Brosius.