Saturday, December 30, 2006

how you can find anything on jet blue

i'm flying from JFK to oakland, watching six hours of consecutive tv when i normally instead would be doing something else. don't get me wrong; i’m not complaining.

anyways, i was lucky enough to come across michael jackson’s epic “thriller” video on vh1 classic. even today, it holds up. it’s really a testament to jackson, john landis and everyone who had a hand in it.

it’s been over twenty years later, though, and something struck me as purely ridiculous and a little bit creepy.

it wasn’t the zombies coming out from their graves.
it wasn’t michael turning into a zombie.
hell, it wasn’t even how the zombies and michael broke out into spontaneous dance.

no, the most ridiculous thing about the whole thing, by far, was that michael jackson was on a date with a woman.

i know. freaky. and completely unbelieveable.

of course, it was just the second best thing i saw on the plane, next to this awesome clip.

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