Sunday, December 17, 2006

how as a fan of the new york football giants, i am distressed to say

that john hufnagel has to go, and he should take his predictable and boring playcalling with him. three years of the same system, and eli's still confused? i don't think the problem lies with the manning kid.

and tim lewis should follow him out of east rutherford, along with his complete lack of grasping the obvious and a failure of fixing mistakes made over and over and over again.

and since we're at it, let's toss tom coughlin. he makes it difficult to root for him and, sadly, for the team i love. what good is being a disciplinarian when your team outwardly rebels against you and if you're continually outcoached? none. there's no good here.

something's rotten in jersey, and for once, it ain't jersey.

even an idiot like troy aikman, the worst color guy in sports and maybe history, would agree with me on all this.

and if he doesn't, well, it's troy aikman, and that's proof enough.

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