Friday, December 08, 2006

how i wish i had the power to waste money like this

on tuesday's "late night with conan o'brien", he had a skit introducing new college mascots. one of them was the fsu manatee webcams. and it featured a mascot dressed as a manatee dancing in front of a computer while someone from the band watched it all on a laptop.

when it came back to conan, he remarked that he's watching it on

it was an offhand spontaneous remark. it wasn't on the script. it was just something to fill time.

anyways, nbc came back to conan and informed him that whenever he mentions a made-up website name on the air - like - they have to automatically buy it. yes, the corporate and legal world has become that ridiculous.

so, conan figured that since they have it - for the next ten years - they might as well build it out.

so here it is - the fan art is especially fantastic, specifically this one.

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Single, Party of One said...

Um, horny manatee pleasuring himself (herself?) in the shower is my fave. Although horny manatee giving a shout-out to kiddie porn with that big sucker is pretty excellent too.