Monday, December 18, 2006

how it might just have been the recycled air

i never ever watch six hours of tv at once - unless i'm flying cross-country on jet blue. and after i get sick and tired of watching sportscenter, espnews and every other derivation of last night's highlights, i usually start skimming around for something else - and that something else usually winds up on vh1 classic. in this case, i watched an interesting show about how how metallica made their legendary record, "the black album".

but that's not what i'm blogging about here.

here were the two shows that made me laugh out loud.

and i'm totally serious about this.

1. "love connection" on gsn. it's still the same show that we all remember from the 80s. and that's the key word: 80s. beyond the lame conversations, video bios, repartees and payoffs, we're now treated with a special gift from our friend time: 80s haircuts. for example, this vapid bimbo with "the claw" haircut had to choose between three men and their haircuts: a blond spike, the jack tripper part with mustache and, finally, a mullet. she chose the blond spike guy. it was pure comedy brilliance. and unending. it's a show like this that makes you wonder what everyone was thinking during a decade like that. i urge you to check it out. it's grown better with age, and since we're talking about the 80s, it's everything you'd think it'd be.

2. "al tv" on mtv. and by "al", i mean weird al yankovic. and by weird al yankovic, i mean that weird al yankovic. this is his sketch comedy and video show for his new album, "straight outta lynwood". the songs and videos sucked for the most part. that, i grant. but he had some very funny skits in there. for example, he had access to celebrity interviews - like kevin federline - and weird al filmed himself in front of a background that mimicked the celebrity. so it felt like an actual interview, except weird al knew the answers and wrote - and i can't believe i'm writing this - really clever and funny questions. and somewhat incisive. yeah, i know.

actually, what really got me laughing hard was a polka version of "gold digger" by kanye west, where he played the video and sang a different version of the song but it synced up pretty well. so we see jamie foxx singing, but we hear weird al. it's actually quite brilliant stuff.

did i really write all this?

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