Friday, September 08, 2006

how we're on the eve of 9/11

and what have we really learned?

have we really grown as a country?

already, all the news channels are beginning to hype up their 9/11 5th anniversary shows - exploiting a national tragedy for themselves, hoping to gain viewers, hoping to make money on it.

already congress is talking up 9/11 and how everyone's proud of the changes in the world since then and how they are responsible - exploiting a national tragedy for themselves, hoping to gain voters, hoping to make money on it.

already there's businessmen and politicians doing the big talk about big plans for what to do next at ground zero without any idea of how to do it but getting their names into the limelight - exploiting a national tragedy for themselves, hoping to gain camera time, hoping to make money on it.

nothing has changed.

we blew it.

we still have politicians talking and getting in front of cameras and doing nothing to catch osama bin laden or even helping the poor people in new orleans. but at least halliburton and their benefactors are doing well.

we still have politicians using the words "9/11" as a scare tactic instead of a starting point for making change, but at least we still have a color-coded warning system that is used primarily to divert attention away from their incompetence.

we still have our soliders dying in iraq without any mission statement, exit strategy or purpose, but at least the front page of yesterday not only revealed that ellen is gonna host the oscars next year, but also that paris hilton was arrested on a DUI charge and that suri cruise is a real person. that's what's important, yes?

and we still have a non-partison 9/11 commission report that is being continually ignored in congress, but at least we have both parties putting their differences aside for the sake of the country. right? right? hello?

as usual, like it always has been and always will be, the least important things are firmly implanted in the forefront of our minds and media, and what's most important is being exploited by anyone and everyone for personal gain.

nothing's fucking changed.

and you know what? we still have a huge hole at ground zero to show for it.

i love this country, but sometimes, i'm embarrassed by it.

shame on all of us.

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