Friday, September 22, 2006

how everything comes together

i just read an amazing book called "the looming tower" by lawrence wright. it's basically a study on the history of al-queda, how they came to be and how they developed their ideology and how we dealt with them. and it's written in such a novelistic way that before you know it, it's 350 pages later and you're done.

it's an amazing read.

remember right after 9/11, how everyone had a theory about how crazy they all are in the middle east - hell, i had some great ones, well, nobody was even close to being right. and that goes for the newscasters and the government. nobody knew jack shit.

it's worth it, just to get into their minds.

and to get yourself mad again. not only at them, but at us.

from the CIA and the FBI not sharing information during the clinton administration to the bush administration ignoring anything to do with terrorism, it just shows how just a little bit of teamwork and attention could have stopped the tragedy. and that is unforgiveable.

which gets me to the topic of this. isn't it funny how, after five years of relative inactivity, president bush is now making a bigger effort to get osama bin laden? i mean, for years, the government barely even uttered his name in lieu of anything and everything iraq. but now, it's all about osama.

the shame of it is that it took something as selfish as mid-term elections to get something done.

you see, polls show the republicans as being awful in iraq but alright on terrorism. so by concentrating on their strengths, and making a bigger hoopla on al-quada, it's a diversion away from their "bad news". it's fucking ridiculous that it's taken something as selfish as keeping power in congress to finish the job of capturing the mastermind of the worst day in the history of our country.

hell, it's not keeping our country safe from terrorism. it's keeping our country safe from bipartisanism.

fucking assholes.

and it's politics as usual.

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