Thursday, September 14, 2006

how i'm jealous of a word

i have a list of words that i want to get into a headline or a commercial at some point. these are words that are somewhat outside the vernacular, and when i see them in print, i get excited.

yep, this is what gets me off.

from the front page:

U.S. report on nuclear Iran blasted

A congressional report on Iran's nuclear program has been blasted as "outrageous and dishonest" by the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog. The IAEA slams the House Intelligence Committee report for saying Iran "is currently enriching uranium to weapons grade." The report also insinuates the IAEA may be in cahoots with Tehran in covering up Iran's nuclear ambitions.


i grew up with that word in mafia-influenced staten island. i didn't realize it survived outside the verrazano. and i'm stoked that a word purely indigenous to any pizzeria in staten island or brooklyn was used to help describe an offical governmental report on iran's nuclear program.

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