Monday, September 25, 2006

how fox news has a tremendous amount of nerve

as i've said before, i like to watch fox news while on the stairmaster. i figure that if i'm gonna tivo "the daily show", i should get the other side of the coin.

and usually, when i watch fox news, i'm completely blown away how one-sided and insane their coverage is. but, hey, it's a different viewpoint, and i crave that. and there's usually a morsel within the craziness that makes me think, "hey, if it wasn't for the insanity, that would be an interesting viewpoint."

but today, they've completely outdone themselves.

anyways, they're talking about the saints-falcons game tonight, the triumphant reopening of the superdome, and the guest is talking about how president bush is doing the opening coin flip, and that green day is performing before the game. green day, the band that made an album called "american idiot" that condemns the president and his policies.

the same president who did absolutely nothing in the wake of katrina, and who has continued to do absolutely nothing.

and the guest says, "i have no idea why the NFL would invite green day to the festivities."


seriously, it's shit like this that pisses people off, where president bush is so obviously the heavy in this situation, has done nothing for the people who suffered, and is really just showing up for a photo opp. and yet, in what should be a layup, in what would be a great opportunity for "fair and balanced" reporting, he's protected insanely by fox news.

and conservatives wonder why the world considers fox news as a joke.

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