Wednesday, September 13, 2006

how i just overdosed

you know how you hear about something being so good but, for some reason, you hover around it, dab into it just a little, and you'll know you'll like it if you get into it, but you don't, then at some point, for some reason, you do, and then you're all up in it?

well, it just happened to me. and i'm over my head.

you see, the drug of choice for me is "the wire".

i just spent two days watching every episode from season three. i had watched most of season one already, and hbo on demand gave an eight-minute tutorial catching you up (and when you add that to the episode recap on and season recaps on wikipedia, well, i was more than up to speed). and season two i did the same thing, except i hadn't seen any of the episodes, but i was fully armed for thr third season.

(why did i rush past season two, you ask? because season four just began on hbo, and i wanted to be as up-to-date as possible).

and, with all that confusing hullabaloo being said, i gotta say, without a shadow of a doubt, on the highest mountaintop i can find, that season three of "the wire" was the finest season i've ever seen.

of any series.

of any kind.

at any time.

and i'm taking into account "24" or "the office" or "arrested development". and "all in the family" or "cheers" or "seinfeld". and any other show you think fits into that category.

season three of "the wire" was better.

i mean, it was everything you'd want from a series - smart, dramatic, well-written, well-directed, well-acted, well-edited - except done on a scale that is completely unimaginable, completely magnificent. i'd never seen anything like this, and i'm gonna be hardpressed to see anything that'll compare.

it's not for anyone. i mean, not everyone is intrigued by the baltimore drug scene, from the cops perspective, from the dealer perspecitve, from the city hall perspective, without care of good or evil.

it's a pretty amazing achievement.

i can't believe how much i wrote considering that i'm speechless.

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