Sunday, September 17, 2006

how i am watching the next generation of crap

it's 1:24 on sunday morning and i am watching a show called "the dead zone" on abc starring anthony michael hall, and it's pure crap. okay, i know what you're thinking: how can something that starred anthony michael hall be the next generation of crap. but it is.

you ready for the concept? here it comes. buckle up.

he's a guy who awakens with super powers (like being psychic) after six years in a coma.

yep. brilliant stuff. and hey, i gotta tell you, i didn't want to watch it. i really didn't. but how can you resist this dialogue?

johnny (amh): do you have a son?
ex-girlfriend: yes...his name is johnny...he's a hockey player.

i dare you to change the channel.

anyways, it's terrible. really terrible. and it's taking itself waaaaaay too seriously.

i'm only posting this because i think most people think that nothing happens in the world around them when they fall asleep.

but that's not true. crap happens.

UPDATE: "the dead zone" just ended, and it's followed by a movie called "the shipment" starring matthew modine, nicholas turturro and paul rodriguez. so even before it begins, let's recap: it's starring an actor who was happening in the mid-1980s, the brother of a great actor who never really made it big in his own right, and a comedian who was a big star in the late 80s.

unfortunately, this film was shot in 2001.

UPDATE UPDATE: a evil midget cop just entered the fray. (read: this has potential).

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