Friday, September 15, 2006

how i need someone to explain wilmer valderrama to me

he's dated every young hot starlet in hollywood. hell, he was with lindsay lohan for a year at the most ideal time - before she became a walking virus. and you can't read anything about hollywood without seeing his name mentioned somewhere.

and now, i just watched him co-host a full hour with my beloved, kelly ripa.

a full hour.

with kelly ripa.

i don't get it.

this guy was "fez" from "that 70s show".


the modern-day screech.

i don't see dustin diamond anywhere cool. i don't see him dating anyone famous. hell, i don't see him. god damn, his house is up for sale. that's more like it for screech.

wither fez?

seriously, someone explain it to me.

this isn't a joke. seriously, i need an explanation.

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