Sunday, September 09, 2007

how i'm going to make tom coughlin's world a lot easier

after watching the deplorable 45-35 loss to the cowboys sunday night, i have compiled a list for the giants to accomplish this week in preparation for the packers.

okay, here they go.

1. get eli and osi healthy. especially eli. he looked damn good out there.
2. get brandon healthy, but derrick ward looked damn good. get him ready.
3. introduce the defensive line to the concept of a pass rush.
4. introduce the linebackers to the concept of covering the tight end.
5. introduce the secondary on what a slant route is, and how to defend it.
6. introduce everyone to tackling. that would be very nice, actually.

it's just that simple. now get on it, big blue.

i'd list everything that the university of michigan needs to do to get ready for notre dame, but i'm positive that doesn't have the bandwith to handle it.

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