Tuesday, September 11, 2007

how i just had an incredibly harrowing experience

true story, just happened:

i was walking on haight street at around 8pm, heading my way to amoeba records. i cross clayton, and as soon as i step on the sidewalk...WHAM! a huge pane of glass falls in front of me, about 13 feet away from where i'm standing.

i repeat: a huge pane of glass falls in front of me - not on top of me, but close enough.

two guys barely got out of the way, dashing underneath a nearby awning for protection. a guy stuck his head out the now glassless window, just one floor up. he was completely confused how his windowpane fell out.

i stood there, completely dumbfounded.

the glass just splattered, but basically staying in place, as if someone were putting together an almost completed jigsaw puzzle. a couple of shards happened to land by my nikes.

it was freaky, even for haight-ashbury standards.

honestly, would i have died? probably not. but the fact that i put "probably" in that statement is disturbing. completely random stuff happens, you know. just figured it would happen to someone else.

thankfully, it still hasn't happened to me yet.

holy crap.

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