Sunday, September 09, 2007

how i just watched britney perform at the MTV VMAs

the only thing i can equate it to is the dead guy from "weekend at bernie's". she obviously wasn't singing, and she didn't give any signs of having the ability to form those words with her lips by her own devices. she was barely moving, and when she did move, it was with the help of two men holding her up (or, rather, feeling her up). her body was bloating. and nobody in the audience could believe any of this shit.

the only difference was that "weekend at bernie's" had a much better soundtrack.

UPDATE: sarah silverman is ripping her a new one right now. bless you, sarah. the world is a better place with you commenting on it.

UPDATE YET AGAIN: here's the video of her performance. once again, i remind you, this is NOT "weekend at bernie's". trust me. i researched and analyzed it. there are subtle differences.

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