Tuesday, May 09, 2006

how i might be lame, or i might not

after spraining my ankle for the second time in six weeks, i've decided that my body is not long for track shoes - at least not when my ligaments are this weak. so i'm back to wearing high tops - which really means i'm back to wearing my classic run-dmc white adidas high tops, perfect for getting tricky.

i've basically worn them non-stop for six weeks anyways. but i had some spare time today, so i decided to buy another pair. hell, niketown ain't a far walk to work.

so i went, hoping to get some classic jordans to match my classic run-dmcs.

yeah, that didn't work out for me. i was told they didn't have any, that they only stock them at special moments. so i still looked around and, well, i used to joke that the reason i don't hoop anymore is because the sneakers today are ugly. that was a joke. that's not the reason.

you know what? the sneakers today are ugly.

no nikes for steve.

so i went to champs and foot locker, and nothing really hit me. it almost seems like they've gone through every sneaker design that looks good, and now they're just throwing shit to the wall and seeing what sticks. nothing's sticking for me. but i need something to protect my ankle. i'd take ugly for support.

then i saw them.

so obvious, really. so classic. in fact, they should have been top of mind. but they weren't. and i've never worn them before, but always wanted to, and now, here's my chance.

so i got them. and another for variety.

my ankles are depending on you.

can you handle it, chuck?

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