Saturday, May 06, 2006

how history's already not being too kind to him

george w. bush likes to say that history will judge him differently than how we do in today's time.

i agree with him on that, the idea that you can't judge a president until long after his term is over.

but here's an incredibly well-researched article from "rolling stone". it's written by a leading historian using opinions and information from a wide swatch of historians from every party, leaning and ilk who informs us that, with what we already know and have seen, we're living through a momentous era in american history - that of the worst president ever. and that's sad, very sad.

one who doesn't learn from past mistakes - like not caring about the consequences of his political appointments. like, oh i don't know, taking the guy who was in charge of one of the president's biggest political mistakes that he has been unmercifully vilified for - the wiretapping and spying on americans - and then naming him as the new cia director, as if nobody would notice.

well, we get what we vote for.

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Anonymous said...

People have short memories and, as people, so will future historians. If the greatest country in the world can pull off any kind of "miracle" in Iraq within the next two years, GW will most likely go down in history as a great leader. After all, the winners write the history books (not the correct).